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07 December, 2019
2 pm untill 6 pm
Date: 07 December, 2019 2 pm untill 6 pm
Location: NOSKK,

On the 7th of December 2019, we organized a workshop about child marriage. There we have dicussed with the participants the dangers of being forced into child marriage.
Afterwards, approximately 40 children and older from all over Bauria joined us in a cycle rallye to spread the awareness about child marriage. For this, everyone took a sign chart regarding child marriage to wear during the rallye. As well as some children had also to say something about this topic. In the end we enlighted the darkness with a candle for every participant.

We are very happy, that so many people joined us on that day and will go together with us this long road to a brighter future where every child has the same rights and value.