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15 August, 2023
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Date: 15 August, 2023

A National Campaign for Unity and Love

In unity our campaign #MereGharAaKToDekho (Visit my home, be my guest) is striving to undo systematic hate by bringing different communities together. This hate is segregating us, causing us to mistrust our peers, creates prejudices and sparks violence. Our goal is to change the preconceived notions and opinions about people of another community, class, caste, religion, sexual orientation, language, region, etc. It is easy to construct ‘the other’ and spread hatred in the absence of direct contact with one another.

Just like we have done, we encourage you to invite someone who is different to you such as religion or class, to your home, share a meal and spend 2-3 hours of your time with them. By having conversations you can help us break socially constructed barriers and promote inter-community relations. The steps are simple:

1. Meet at least one family who is not from your religion/ class/ caste/ economic background/ sexual orientation/ region/ linguistic background. Go to their home and invite them to your house.

2. Try to understand their life, issues, and culture.

3. Take a selfie together and tweet using hashtag #MereGharAaKeToDekho

4. Upload on all social media platforms

5. Upload photographs and videos of your interaction using hashtag #MereGharAaKeToDekho

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