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Rehnuma Program

The Rehnuma Program was initiated by the National Foundation of India (NFI) in 2013 and is built to focus on the districts with a high rate on different minorities and by entitling them so a more inclusive, just and equitable society originates. Every week, there is a lawyer in NOSKK to consult the ones in […]

Kasia Bagan Program

The Kasia Bagan Program “Improving Access to Health and Livelihood Opportunities” is a project jointly conducted by Nari-o-Sishu Kalyan Kendra and the local situated Kasia Bagan United Committee. For further information see our brochure on Kasia Bagan.

Sanitary Napkin Production

One focus at NOSKK is the production and distribution of Sanitary Napkins and the education concerning menstrual hygiene for adolescent girls. Every weekday six women are producing the Sanitary Napkins, named freedom, in a one-room factory located in our main office. Two days a week the adolescent girls can pick up the Sanitary Napkins, while being […]