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27 September, 2019
12 am onwards
Date: 27 September, 2019 12 am onwards

In 2015 world leaders, like India, signed the Paris Agreement and adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Until 2030 these SDGs shall be fulfilled. With their help we want to transform the world, end poverty, reduce ineuquality, ensure peace and combat climate change.

NOSKK stands for a world in that every woman, every man and every child lives together in peace as equals for a better world. In this week, we want to celebrate with you the progress we have made till now and become conscious for the problems we still have to solve.

Let us Stand Together now and mobilize for a better tomorrow!

On 27th September, we invited our friends from HELGO, interns from Assam, our volunteers from Germany as well as the Community of Khaskhamar.
The different guests spoke about how they experienced inequality in their society or on their own body. Through that, we are once more aware about how important it is to point out unjustice whereever it is happening, because we are only strong when we stand together!
Our smallest and biggest children also prepared some songs and poems about child rights and child labour.
In the evening, we gathered everyone outside: There each and everyone took a candle which we lit. Afterwards we heard some words from the Programme Manager and in the sign of all the souls that felt inequality once in their live and still do, we held the candles up high.