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25 September, 2019
12 pm onwards
Date: 25 September, 2019 12 pm onwards

In 2015 world leaders, like India, signed the Paris Agreement and adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Until 2030 these SDGs shall be fulfilled. With their help we want to transform the world, end poverty, reduce ineuquality, ensure peace and combat climate change.

NOSKK stands for a world in that every woman, every man and every child lives together in peace as equals for a better world. In this week, we want to celebrate with you the progress we have made till now and become conscious for the problems we still have to solve.

Let us Stand Together now and mobilize for a better tomorrow!

On 25th September, we gathered in the Khaskhamar Madrash High School for a ceremony where we highlighted the importance of saving water and planting trees.
After that, we had the honour to host a ceremony on our own. We had different guests speaking about climate change and how it is important that we act in favor of the planet.
In the evening, we planted some trees with our community to set a sign for letting the environment grow more. All children of our community participated with joy in this.