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18 January, 2020
9 am untill 7 pm
Date: 18 January, 2020 9 am untill 7 pm

Date: 18/01/2020
Venue: NOSKK, Khaskhamar, Rameswarnagar, Bauria, Howrah

NOSKK presented the 5th Annual Sports Day in total and the 2nd one that was organized by the german volunteers (Imane and Shirin). They planned the last weeks every single game and worked side by side with the other staff of NOSKK to give you one of the best events of the year. With a lot of sports, games and fun, we not only showed our smallest what they can reach with some team spirit but also the big ones could let out their inner child during the musical chair. Besides the spoon race, cup pong, jumping rope and other games we also held a drawing contest which theme represented the sports and the children’s relation to it. We crowned three beautiful drawings during the award show and are also inspired by all the other great talents.
To shorten the waiting time, we had a poetry reading by many children but also elder people that touched our hearts.
The night closened with the “Go as you like” event in which we were once more reminded that a sports day like this can only have success if we are ALL united and no CAA nor NRC divides us.
In total, we thank the 200 participants, 200 visitors, over 30 volunteers and our guests for participating in this special event. It was wonderful to see how we could unite this event with the cause of 
#Lightupherway by Save The Children and how wonderful the street children were integrated by the other children.