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Tuberculosis Health Action Learning initiative (THALI) Led by world health partners (WHP) in collaboration with consortium members Child in Need institute (CINI), John Snow India (JSI) and global Health Strategies (GHS) aims to strengthen TB control efforts in West Bengal by engaging and networking private qualified providers, chemist shops and diagnostic facilities using a technology based reporting platform and an inclusive services delivery model for appropriate TB diagnosis and treatment. The consortia recognize the need of collaboration & communication with local civil society organization (CSOs)/ Non -Government organization (NGO) across intervention areas to foster active case search build community awareness and to sustain the efforts of TB care and prevention.

Objectives of the programme


  • To support and facilitate selection of community level volunteers Targeted outreach to uplift community Health (TOUCH) agents in intervention wards and their supervision in coordination with the THALI field team.
  • To support in amplifying numbers in referral of presumptive TB cases from the community.
  • To conduct community level meetings to generate awareness and engage community stakeholders in TB prevention and care.

Geographical Coverage:

15 wards of Howrah Municipality Corporation



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