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Nari-O-Sishu Kalyan Kendra has developed an institution for woman Zari artisan´s producers.
Our Organisation has been playing a vital and catalytic role in promoting and supporting rural women Zari artisans and workers with a goal of making them empowered and self dependent by supporting the workers and forming their groups and self managed institutions. The organisation has facilitated to form an institution owned and managed by woman. The institution is a producers company named Bunan Hasta Kala Producer Company Lmt..

“Mothers working as crafts zari workers are seeking support and linkages for their livelihood security and inclusions leading to their economic empowerment which promotes education of women and children, reduce gender unequality and child labourers, child marriages, improvement of health and positive behavioural aspects of the youth and all.”

Our experience, achievement and aspiration
The initiative of developing women’s institution is one of our missions to fulfill commitment of empowering women in the disadvantaged and low income earning communities across state of West Bengal presently. Zari workers are mainly working as labourers getting very low prices, are not able to acquire capacity by their own for self managed production and marketing with standard improved technology. Moreover, the Zari artisans are unorganised. Their social position is some what low in the village societies. The Zari artisans mainly women who need special attention and support from us.
About the craft industry – In Zari-Embroidery the cloth is tied on wooden Dhadda, fitted with wooden stand and the first required design is stencilled with the help of stencil paper on the cloth then embroidery is being done according to the design with Zari thread like stones, beads, etc. This is a traditional artisan work to put on the materials for dresses like Lahenga, Dupatta, Salwar, Churida, Zari, etc. The craft of embroidery has both economic and cultural relevance. The embroidery work has provided employment opportunities to many people. At the same time embroidery dress materials have a good demand in domestic and international markets.
Our Experience – We have some experience since long before when we have started working with the poor, disadvantaged families, women and the artisans-mainly zari artisans. Women Self Help Groups are formed and developed, assisted and linked with institutions. NOSKK-our short name is accepted by communities and recognized by the Government and international donors. Our organisation has been working to advocate on behalf of exploited, disadvantaged and un-empowered women, girls and the communities to secure rights, to make them capacitated and avail benefits linking with Government and civil society organizations.
Women are playing a very vital role in developing the craft in zari embroidery. Traditionally economic participation as zari artisans and being successful in it is a real change for women, whose exposer and mobility are limited. In many areas like in Howrah district of West Bengal. Women zari workers suffer due to preponderance of middlemen and artisans – women are not getting satisfactory of money out of this job. Most of the women artisans in this sector are deprived in the right of winning and generating income out of this type of work, despite of possessing right skills of doing embroidery work. It is found and learned that there is not a single women in the villages in our area who may be regarded as full fledged women zari entrepreneur.
Our Need – Presently we intend to promote, develop and sustain women owned, led and managed self enterprises, producer’s organization and development process in the communities. Thus it is required to participate and cooperate our endeavor for fulfilling the mission of self sustaining women artisans owned and managed enterprises like Bunan Hasta Kala and the SHG Micro Enterprises. The need is to provide technical and financial support for skill up-gradation, product design development, marketing knowledge and network knowledge as well as human resources for managing the enterprise.
The new institution which is a producer company requires some support for managing and functioning for the development of the crafts-Zari products. That will be more marketable and attractive to customers of various segments and locations and the company expects to grow its’ business with a capacity of development in a sustainable manner and cost-effective way.


The products can be bought at our Headoffice or in the internet: http://mahilaehaat-rmk.gov.in/en/ .