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22 April, 2019
NOSKK Training Hall,
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Date: 22 April, 2019
Location: NOSKK Training Hall,

On the 22 of April 2019, we had the pleasure to organize a Child Right Event with the honorable guest June Malia, an amazing actress of Tollywood and also a member of the West Bengal State Commission for Protection of Child Rights (WBSCPCR), in accompany the consultant Ms. Moumita Chatterjee and the counselor, Ms. Priodarshini Roy. June Malia is responsible for the health sector of this commission.

160 children and adolescents from our children’s classes and livelihood skill training were present and participated in the active experience sharing with the members of the WBSCPCR.

Furthermore, we had some cultural programme where the dance students of NOSKK with the teacher Priya Pakirah performed an impressive empowerment dance. The students of the Music and English Class given by the German Volunteers sang us a beautiful English song with a simple choreography. In the end, we saw a roleplay of some adolescents and children of NOSKK. They presented us in a dramatic way how Child Rights can be violated and summed it up with a powerful dance.

“The programme was very marvelous and amazing. Coming together with our community and the inspiring person June Malia was a really happy and unforgettable moment for me. ” – Mahima, Teacher of Khaskhamar High Madrasah and Volunteer of NOSKK

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June Malia also visited our Sanitary Production Unit and completed every step of the production to make her own Sanitary Napkin.

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We want to thank all our honorable guests, participants and members who made this day a successful and memorable one.

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