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25 May, 2019
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Date: 25 May, 2019
Location: NOSKK,

The German Volunteers organized an Awareness Programme about Child Rights for all sponsored students of the German-Indio Bhabiswat Sponsorship Programme.

The programme started with some games to get to know each other because it was the first time the old sponsored student, as well as the new students, met.

After that, we introduced the adolescents to the topic of Child Rights. With some videos and discussion rounds, we created awareness for important topics like Human Trafficking, Sexual Abuse, Human Trafficking, and Early Marriage.

We also informed them about the Child Line Number and contributed a brochure about Child Rights.

The students were very interested and it was great to see how the Bhabiswat Sponsorship Programme has grown in the last year. In July 2018 we started with only 5 students. Until now we were able to connect 17 students from our area with sponsors from Germany to support them financially with their education and future.

But we are convinced that financial support is not enough for the educational development of a student, that is why we also regularly organize awareness programmes for the students.

“And at the end of this sponsorship, we will have a person with completed education, who is looking towards a self-determined future!” – Anna Neumann (Project-Coordinator of Bhabiswat Sponsorship Programme)

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