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Children's Day with Taleem-Ki-Taqat


NOSKK supports the education of children and adolescents and recognises the lack of support that government schools provide to students coming from poverty stricken or dysfunctional families. The space for that, is given by Taleem-Ki-Taqat, a project founded in 2019. This educational programme provides first generational learners with additional classes to encourage a well-rounded education.

Screenshot 2023-05-04 at 19.50.25Around 90 students, ages 5-16, can visit our classes where not only standardised school subjects such as spelling, handwriting and reading are taught, but also where creativity and innovative thinking is highlighted. This includes activities such as drawing, dancing, singing, and sports. We additionally teach students the importance of general life skills e.g. hygiene, study skills, pollution and waste management. Furthermore, students have the opportunity to learn English and gain international awareness from our German volunteers.

Moreover, we work towards relieving our students’ families of meal and health costs by handing out health kits to them. The students are taught in groups of about 30 children, sorted by age, to make closer supervision possible.