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Every child has the right to education.

However, not every child has proper access to his or her education due to some families inability to afford admission fees, books and especially tution fees. This leads to an increase in School Drop Outs, which are a high-risk group for child work, early marriage or human trafficking (sexual or physical exploitation).

This is no desirable future for a child that has dreams and goals

For that reason our German Volunteers started an educational Sponsoring Programme: Through the close contact to the children and adolescents in the surrounding villages we have come to know many motivated, intelligent adolescents with dreams and future plans, but destitute parents.

In order to solve these problems and support the adolescents to finish their school career, we have established the Bhabiswat Sponsorship Programme.

Our principal is to support all the students who do not have access to education due to their financial situation and through this support open them the door to a secure future.

Only with a small monthly amount, we can ensure the school education of one student. We connect one adolescent with one sponsor. Through this sponsorship, the sponsor will support the family so that they will be able to pay for all the school fees, schoolbooks and the very important tuition classes.

Since June 2018 we connected 29 ambitious students from class 8 to College with 34 sponsors from Germany who love to support the children and see their personal development through reports, pictures and personal letters.

We also do workshops and sessions with all sponsor students and their parents to topics like future planning, and life organizing as well as child labor or child marriage to create more awareness and prevent cases.

And at the end of this sponsorship we will have people with a completed education, who are looking towards a self-determined future!

If you are interested to have more information about the programme or to sponsor a child yourself, then please send a mail to spendenprogrammindien@gmail.com.

So maybe, thanks to you soon another child will look with joy into the future.LOGOFINAL

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These are our first 5 sponsorship students with our German Volunteers  in September 2018.