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Name: Asura Khatun
D/o: Yakub Ali
Vill : Santoshpur,
Dist: Howrah

Asura Khatun(18) is the D/o Yakub Ali who is a zari worker and the family is economically in a very disadvantageous position. Still Asura aspired to be a teacher after completing her graduation. She was always a meritorious student and was awarded a scholarship worth Rs.2550 by the State Madrasa board. She took a loan from a pan shop against her earrings for her admission fees and with the help of her teachers she got herself admitted to Uluberia College in B.A (H) HISTORY. But like many other people, her Parents consider settling in the life by a girl is achieved through a fruitful marriage to an affluent groom and her father wanted her to marry at the earliest. But Asura was motivated to complete her education. One day she watched a TV programme featuring our Secretary Ms. Rahima Khatun talking about the prevention of early marriage. It encouraged her to come to our office and met with Ms. Rahima Khatun. Asura informed that though she got a cheque from Minority department but her name is written incorrectly on it. Our secretary assured her to take the essential steps in favour of her and also communicated with her parents. On 25th June Principal Secretary of Minority Commission Saidul Islam visited our organisation. We discussed about this issue and he assured that no child’s education will be hampered due to lack of fund. Within two days a corrected cheque was issued. He even called Asura’s father requesting him not to set her marriage, her father restrained himself and agreed to go along with her education. Principal Secretary also assured to enrol her in “Kanashree Prokalpa” Now Asura is very happy and dreams of becoming a teacher and helping needy and meritorious students like her.