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05 June, 2017
Kasia Bagan United Committee,
Date: 05 June, 2017
Location: Kasia Bagan United Committee,

On 5th June, Monday, we, the NOSKK & KBUC, funded by the QUEST Properties – RPSG group had observed the World Environment Day among the residents of Kasia Bagan to discuss and aware on today’s environmental condition & issues. The discussion platform was opened on 2:00 PM and continued till 3:30 PM, where the project coordinator, committee member, health staff and community level’s boys and girls had share their views and ideas on present condition of environment and what should we have to take initiatives to save our next generation for a better and healthier life? There were 45 participants into the discussion platform.

The speakers were –

1. Sujan Kr. Gangopadhyaya, PC – IAHCS&ILO

2. Javed Rahman, Member of KBUC

3. Sk. Aman, reading in class X

4. Kaikasa, reading in class IX

5. Ms. Nazia Noor, resident of KBUC

On the platform we had discussed on various issues like -

  • History of the day observation

  • De-forestation and its impact on society

  • Regarding the underground water level and save water

  • Use of Blue and Green dustbins for littering of waste materials properly and also discuss on negative impact of too much dirty into environment as well as health problems

  • Tree plantation – it’s need and important for better environment

During discussion we have taken some oath on to do –

  • More Plantation

  • Keep Kasia Bagan more cleanly. Vat /dustbin which is full of litters will be cleaned immediately

  • Each family / household will be used two bins – Blue & Green and litters will be maintained properly for safe and healthy society

  • Inmates of Kasia Bagan are also try to plant tree, by themselves in their vacant place / in front of house

The discussion session was very interesting and participatory. All are willing to do plantation and will nurture the tree properly to make the Kasia Bagan more CLEAN & GREEN….