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30 March, 2019
Date: 30 March, 2019

On the 30th of April, our girls of the Mobile Repairing Classes from the Bauria and Howrah Training Centers visited the Azad Foundation to experience another form of Non-Traditional Skill and Livelihood Training for Women.

On that day we learned how the Azad Foundation is working, what their objectives are, what kind of training they offer, and what problems they face. A few women shared their experiences about the programme Women on Wheels implemented by the foundation which was a big initiative.

” The Women on Wheels programme empowers resource-poor women to become professional drivers to enable them to gain remunerative ‘livelihoods with dignity’. The programme also enhances their awareness of rights and enables them to become independent and confident individuals in charge of their lives. “ 

It was a very interesting, interactive excursion and a new experience for our girls and they had the chance to enjoy a short ride with the female drivers, who showed us their knowledge and impressive driving skills.

Please visit the website of the Azad Foundation for more information about their impactful work.

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In the end, to expand the trainees’ experience and knowledge, we visited the Fancy Market in Khidirpur, Kolkata, a famous market for everything related to mobile repairing.

The teacher Animesh showed his students where to purchase all the things they are using in their class and different types of mobile repairing shops in that area.

With this exhaustive visit, the girls and women got a lot of new inspiration and motivation to continue their class with.

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