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11 April, 2019
NOSKK Training Hall,
Date: 11 April, 2019
Location: NOSKK Training Hall,

In Collaboration with Kolkata Sanved we organized an Empowernment Workshop for girls.

In three batches, each 4 days, we trained 80 girls and young women of our area.

” It was a great experience! The topics of the workshop were very interesting and I have learnt how to do my works perfectly and see the value of my actions. I’ve become more courageous and can take my decisions with a calmer mind now. ”  – Priya Pakirah, 20 years old, participant of the workshop


Empowerment Workshop Introduction:

The Empowerment Workshop enables you to create your life exactly the way you want it.

There are two reasons we don’t have what we want in life :

We don’t know what we want – We don’t have the tools to manifest it.

The workshop helps you develop a comprehensive vision for your life and provide tools to manifest it. It goes beyond therapeutic approach to growth that focuses on healing wounds from past. In fact it helps envision what one most desires and create it, therefore motivating one to grow by the power of one’s dream rather than their wounds.


The workshop is to help individuals to envision their lives vision and take action towards it.

What is Empowerment workshop

Empowerment Institute in the USA, New York is one of the most impactful institutes that help women and adults create a path through the workshop towards their lives vision/goal. This Institute is run by David Gershon and Gail Straub the founders of Empowerment Institute in New York, USA. The workshop is four-days long, intense and focuses on the 7 core areas of an individual’s life – Body – Work – Spirituality – Sexuality – Relationships – Money – Emotions

It helps individuals to create their own path towards their vision/dream/goal and thus empowers them to be a part of the society.

Kolkata Sanved

Kolkata Sanved is an NGO which uses the very powerful artistic medium of Dance and Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) for the psycho-social rehabilitation, reintegration and empowerment of survivors of trafficking, sexual violence and other marginalized communities. This is a very innovative model in the social development sector in India. Kolkata Sanved is a pioneer in the field of Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) in India and South Asia.

For more information, please visit their page https://de-de.facebook.com/kolkatasanved/

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