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2. Srijan Plus


Networking is an ever-evolving process. The dynamics of processes involved for a network was a new experience for the Health Vision and Research and hence, establishing one on reproductive and sexual health and rights of young people was a challenge in the initial years. Gradually, as the organization acquired new learning and explored opportunities to bring them into practice, the network on YRSHR began to evolve with SRIJAN taking a formal shape in the year 2001. Ever since, SRIJAN has come a long way with many new inventions and partnerships that have helped to carry forward the agenda of health and development of young people in different parts of the state. Bringing on functional mechanism, building ownership among partner organizations and efforts towards introducing mechanism for sustainability of the network have together facilitated the consolidation of SRIJAN network for the task envisaged for it. The pilot project has two objectives, that undertook a systematic review of the required actions for building up existing networks of the above mentioned aims.

The focus areas were:

a) Assess institutions to facilitate and support their intervention process on YRSHR.
b) Establish statewide networking and establish common areas of interests on YRSHR.

NOSKK is also a partner organization of SRIJAN Plus and working with 20,000 people in total at Panchla block under Howrah district.

The main activities of this project:

  • Sensitization workshop at District and Block level
  • Meeting with Stakeholders and Parents of the villages
  • Capacity building & Training of peer Educators
  • Open Youth Information Centre (YIC)