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ORA – Operation Red Alert: Safe Village Program

Nari-O-Sishu Kalyan Kendra is implementing the project of the Safe Village Programme from May 2018, supported by “Operation Red Alert”, “Her Choice-Foundation” and the “Hope Foundation”.

The vision of this programme is to reduce the high human trafficking rate before 2025 in India.

To realize this goal, we are conducting Safe Village Programs (SVPs) for 99 villages in our area in Howrah district. In this intervention area we are organizing awareness workshops, to train the ability to identify trafficking and high-risk behaviour as well as to prevent and solve these situations. Audio-visual methods of campaigning make this programme unique and interesting for the students and parents.

The school programme:

Two of our staff members are visiting two different schools per month with our awareness program for students from class 8 to 12. By showing youth-friendly campaign videos and a comic book about child marriage, child abuse, human trafficking and domestic violence we create awareness to these topics. Through explaining and discussion we make sure, that the adolescence get the main message. Also we inform the students about options like the Red Alert Helpline or the possibility to contact the local IP or the police.

The community programme:

In the village communities we also inform the parents about child marriage, child abuse, human trafficking and domestic violence so they will understand the danger of this and start to protect their children.

We have visited 15 villages and reached 30 schools with a total of 3120 students and community members  until now (November 2018)  and the number of saved children is rising.


When you are facing one of these prolems by yourself of identify a case in your sourrounding, please contact us or the Red Alert Helpline Number 18004198588 or the Child line 1098