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As you know we have two german volunteers at NOSKK for one year. They started with English classes and established themselves some gymnastic and drawing classes as well. The children and adolescent girls are always happy to learn new things. It is nice to see how our children can learn a foreign language with having fun and improving their sense for learning things another way.
Our german volunteers Caterina and Emmy plan to start a holiday camp for children between the age 5 and 13. There they will do some crafts and some singing, but of course also some English and some gymnastics. With games and books they want to give the children a place where they can come, at any time they want between 10am to 2pm and 3pm to 5pm.
They invite the children to spend time with them on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. They have an open door room, where everybody who is interested can come in and enjoy. We also hope, that especially Drop Out´s get interested again in doing things and of course going to school.
Furthermore Caterina and Emmy are doing our facebookpage and try to post upcoming and past events on time. They do good work and we hope that they can continue their Bengalistudy as well.